Comin At Ya from Cuba

I took a brief vacation last week (yeah, yeah, my life's a vacation whatever) to head to the new place-to-be: Cuba.  In all seriousness - I haven't been somewhere in over a year without my lap top or checking wifi speeds so this was actually a break.  I assume I'm still getting no sympathy...

Havana was a really cool spot to check out because it's completely frozen in time.  Everywhere you go there's old cars and beautiful old architecture.  It's a shame that most of these buildings were unable to be maintained because even with what's left, you could tell this city was once a stunner. I can see why Hemmingway didn't want to leave.

Strange things I learned in Cuba: toilet seats are not sold with toilets and therefore most do not have them.  If you're going soon, plan accordingly.  Breakfast isn't a huge meal here but we found one place called El Cafe that was healthy and delicious, I highly recommend stopping by.  Other travel tips: when you h…

I've Been Slacking

So I forgot to post again from Vietnam or Australia completely.  Better late than never right?  The last few months were hectic to say the least, Vietnam ended, Australia came and went, Remote Year ended and I've been home for almost a month now.

How was it? Depends on what part.  The end of Vietnam was hectic.  We were there for their New Year which meant the whole city shut down. I mean the WHOLE city.  The only place open was a Mexican restaurant and it turns out there IS  a limit to how much cheese and tequila I can consume.  I'm now not ready to see Mexican or Asian food for quite some time.

Australia was my 2nd favorite place on earth (after Bali of course).  It was so nice to speak English to everyone and just know what I was eating. Also Australians are the nicest people on earth. And their animals are the meanest. Almost every critter tries to kill you - maybe not ALL, but they've got some real crazy stuff down there.  I saw some some friends from New York and ev…

Hello from Ho Chi Minh

I realize I've been slacking on the posts but when days on Remote Year are dwindling down and you suffer from a severe case of FOMO all the time, blog writing takes a backseat.  We've been in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for almost three weeks now which seems crazy.  It's a hectic city where the streets have more scooters than ever and banh mi is a religious experience.  For those of you who don't know, banh mi is a delicious sandwich filled with all sorts of meat (or egg in my case), pickled veggies and mystery sauces inside of a super crispy bun.  If you ask for cheese you get the that super spreadable laughing cow cheese that we all pretend is tacky but secretly love.

Per usual I've been keeping a busy schedule and took a night time scooter tour around the city, spent a few days in Hoi An (middle part of Vietnam), and familiarized myself with the local bars.  Hoi An was the highlight so far as it's known for its tailoring business and the ability to turn aroun…

Holidays In Cambodia

Merry Christmas from Cambodia...things I never thought I'd say.

The last few weeks of travel have been really hectic between getting my final visa, gift shopping, working, studying for online courses and setting up the Go Fund Me for our charities (there's still time to donate so if you forgot click here now!).  I was also off of a beach for approximately 3 weeks and living in a place that makes NYC look tame, SO we decided to head down to Koh Rong Samloem for a little R&R.

For those of you Survivor fans this is where season 31 and 32 was filmed.  For those of you who, like me, were shocked to hear the show was still on, this is just a beautiful quiet island in the southern part of Cambodia.  We didn't realize how remote it was until we had to take a ferry to an aluminum boat to a hike through the jungle to arrive on a completely empty beach with only 10 bungalows.  In true Remote Year form, we took up 8 of the bungalows and owned the place.

We only had power for 5 ho…

The Other Side of Cambodia

Last post I highlighted some of the great things about Cambodia - the food, the temples, the tuk-tuks.  Phnom Penh is one of the most raw, gritty places I've been and has a very dark, recent history.  Fair warning : heavy shit coming up but it gets better at the end.

For those of you who (like me) didn't know much about Cambodia, there was a mass genocide that took place at the hands of the Khmer Rouge - a Cambodian Communist Party - between the years of 1975 and 1979.  They killed an estimated three million of their own people and wiped education, religion, arts, traditional culture, you get the point.  People were sent in masses to killing fields where they endured torture, digging their own graves and eventually being brutally killed. 
Early in the week we watched a video called We Will Not Forget documenting how this affected the arts of Cambodia.  At the time they were flourishing, having musical influences from South America, Cuba, France and the United States.  Anyone …